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In our busy lives, we constantly look for ways to unwind and relax. And of course, for yoga practitioner, the ideal place to practice your yoga moves and meditation is none other than AyurYoga Eco-Ashram.. where nature meets soul..

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What do you guys offer that is different from other retreats?

Image Credit: Ayuryoga Eco-Ashram

Mother Nature
18 Acres of riverside Organic Farm in a peaceful countryside. Let Mother Nature heal your body-mind-soul, especially when you are going through physical and mental detox.

Traditional Teachers & Small Group Size
Authentic Teachers with backgrounds in monastic/spiritual communities, having experience in teaching International students in fluent English. Our Teacher Training is taught by at least 5/6 teachers for group of 10 -20 max. Even a small group of 5-10 for other retreats will be taught by at least 3/5 teachers.

Philosophy + Spirituality
Our retreats are 50% physical and 50% for prana & spirituality that includes classes on Philosophy, Pranayamas, Anatomy, practical lessons for a healthy lifestyle etc.

Experience authentic forms of traditional Ayurveda for your practical life through lessons, therapies, diet and herbal medicinal plants we grow in our Sacred Forest.

Food & Drinks
Nourishing and delicious vegetarian food for western tummies. All vegetables and fruit are either grown in our own Organic Farm or bought from local farmers.


Registered as a non-profit Trust, the ashram is run and maintained by monastic/spiritual seekers in the spirit of sharing. Your monetary contribution helps not only the future students but also our charitable projects.

Safety & Airport Transfers

Just send your flight itinerary: we will organize Airport Transfers and co-ordinate with other students to share the taxis. We select the best possible taxis/drivers and follow up with each arrival at anytime of the day or night.

Rooms & Facilities

Best you can expect in India for International students: Eco-friendly cottages with comfortable Spring-beds, Western Bathrooms, Solar Hot Water, Internet Wi-Fi, Machine Laundry, RO filtered Drinking Water, etc.

Best Weather in India
At the altitude of 700 mts (2300 ft) above sea level, the weather here is the best you can expect in India. Moderate temperatures and humidity throughout the year – between 20 C to 30 C (70F to 90 F).

Explore South Indian Culture
We are located one hour south of Mysore, an historical city at the heart of South India. You can easily travel to Kerala or Tamilanadu within a few hours drive. We can help you with travel before/after the course.

How did Ayur Yoga come about and what was the inspiration to create a retreat of this sort?

Image Credit: Ayuryoga Eco-Ashram

Our Founder-Director, Krishna Chaitanya, lived and worked with some of the best ashrams in India, such as Ramakrishna Mission, Bihar School of Yoga, Himalayan Tradition of Swami Rama Rishikesh, Sivananda Ashram and travelled among many spiritual communities within India. He is also specialized in the subject of history and evolution of Yoga.

After being in the yoga world for more than 12 years, he felt that yoga taught in India is still based on sanskrit books from olden times, which teaches very high ideas & ideals, but is not that practical for a lot of common people in present day modern cities, struggling to survive through the stress of 9-5 jobs, to pay their taxes to live through constantly fast-changing life running at such high speed that they can’t cope with.

In the last few decades, the world of yoga is going through a lot of stress or hypocrisy where where monks/yoga gurus teach some high ideals that they can’t live themselves and turning towards mixing too much Hindu religion, rather than teaching true teachings of Yogic Philosophy taught in Upanishad, where there is no religion and gods. But yoga is purely scientific, rational and can be practiced by any spiritual seekers, of all times, of all religions/atheist from any culture. So, in the past few decades, the world of yoga in India, is filled with gurus/sects teaching a lot of hindu beliefs in the name of yoga.. and being famous in media, more for scams/corruption that many educated Indians are losing faith in Yoga and ridiculing all these monks/yogis as some sort of hypocrites/magicians who feel innocent. To put it simple, the true path of Yoga, as taught in Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras is dying in India. like the fate of Christianity in the West.

While in the West, yoga is being limited to just physical, fitness practice, stripped of it’s true purpose of spiritual growth, for which one does need for a healthy body-mind. Even Hatha Yoga is taught like fitness practice to improve blood circulation, instead of it’s long term health benefits of neuro-masulo-skeletal integration or it’s effects on glands/hormones, prana/chakras etc.

So, Krishna, started this ashram to teach, a blend of  ancient yogic spirituality taught in india and modern yoga taught in the West. So, it’s kind of middle path where one is not expected to become a monk in himalayas nor a person lost in modern materialism where yoga is mostly strength training or beauty quotient. A middle path, to make us a better humans first and then explore the spiritual worlds within, understanding the realities of modern life style.

What advice would you give to someone attending a retreat for the first time?

Image Credit: Ayuryoga Eco-Ashram

For the first time participants, don’t expect the retreats to be pleasing and boosting  ego (like resorts do) on the contrary, they should be prepared to challenge their bodies/minds/ego to know their true potential. We keep our participants busy, both physically and mentally, so it might be tiring/challenging at various levels.  At the end of the retreat, every participant tell us it is the best thing they did in their life and appreciate their own body-mind-Self. Going back to their busy lives, with more positivity and stronger than they come here. 

How in your opinion would a retreat at Ayur Yoga benefit a tired and stressed out soul?

A Lot of us are too distracted in the material world and stressed out our bodies and minds unnecessarily. Here we teach people how to relax, breath and be aware about their body-mind-Self to appreciate what they have, rather than brooding on what they don’t have. We give the tools to live a balanced life.

We always tell our students that ‘health’ is number one priority in our life. Without sound health, one can’t enjoy even the work, wealth, family, relationships or all the  nice things they already have or don’t. So, every single day they spend in a spiritual retreat, or the money they pay for a retreat, is the best investment they can make on their future. 


One place to visit in Mysore

Image : Main Palace in Mysore, Triposo

Image : Main Palace in Mysore 

We organize three different trips to our guests on their day-off/once a week. One to Mysore, another to Wayanad Forest and another to Tibetan Buddhist settlement nearby.

If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Dosa, which is eaten with sambar (a mixture of vegetables, lentils and spices) and Chutney (different types).

This is also the favourite food for all our students/guest who come to our ashram.

Image Credit: bikanervala


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