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Ever wonder why Elite Yoga is set different among the rest? Read on to find out more!

How did Elite Yoga come about and what do you guys offer that is different from other retreats?

 Elite Yoga Retreats was set up in 2015 to cater for a niche that wanted good quality yoga in 5 star surroundings.
 What differentiates us from all the other retreats on offer is that our focus is on quality and the overall yoga experience for the customer.

Our extensive research on existing retreats on offer has revealed that whilst in some cases the yoga has been great the accommodation has been mediocre or the food or facilities on offer has lacked excitement bringing down the whole experience or vice versa. Most retreats are carried out in private accommodation which can vary some can be basic and some more appealing however the fact we have tied up with well known brands the end quality experience that the customer has paid for is guaranteed. 

What inspired Gagan Gill to create a retreat of this sort? 

Gagan Gill the CEO of the company had come up of the concept of high end yoga retreats after her own experiences of going to retreats. ”I always felt there was something lacking either the food provided was tasteless or the accommodation could have been more sleek’. There is a new breed of solo travellers who prefer the luxury experience this is the segment we are catering for. We have some excellent 5 star hotels in Dubai with amazing facilities and service as well as the beautiful surroundings. It is also a very safe city and majority of clients that go on yoga retreats are Women travelling alone so this factor is extremely important. 

Our modal was to scrutitinise each hotel and select the best for the yoga retreat. The end result was exclusive retreats at the Waldorf and Four Seasons Dubai. We have also tied up with Sayan Four seasons Bali. If you want quality and an amazing experience Elite Yoga retreats is definitely for you.

What advice would you give to someone attending a retreat for the first time?

Go with an open mind and don’t worry if you have never done yoga before. The yoga instructors we have cater for all levels. 

Pack enough yoga wear, swim wear, a good book and sun screen. Don’t take work with you otherwise you won’t be able to concentrate on the yoga.  If you travelling alone don’t worry as transfers are included in our packages so you don’t have to find your own way alone. 

 You will get to meet some exciting people and do let go of all inhibitions. It’s an amazing experience where you escape from life stresses and truly find yourself. That inner peace you are looking for. This is a time to work on yourself and you will be grateful no doubt. 

Stepping out of your comfort zone opens a door full of new experiences. Over a few practices, you will build confidence giving you the inner strength to tackle lives most difficult challenges. 

How in your opinion would a retreat at Elite Yoga benefit a tired and stressed out soul?

It’s a combination of certain key elements:

Environment: our 5 star luxurious surroundings, tantalising food with access to spa facilities lays the foundations to relax the soul and create a path to self discovery. Elite yoga teaches the mind to be still. Taming your mind outdoors can establish a link with the environment. This is why  yoga at our retreats is always conducted outside as Nature intensifies this experience and heightens your awareness. The sounds of nature, its physical appearance and the air, together, creates a sense of freedom you cannot feel indoors.

Openness and connection through our exclusive Life talk series: Elite yoga encourages open discussions with our instructors. We believe a chat with our yoga instructors about life and wellness will make you delve deeper into your inner self. The more you know yourself, the quality of your life improves. Thus, powering up your personal and professional life, bettering relationships, performance, success and creativity. 

One place to visit in Dubai.

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The top at the Burj Khalifia. It’s on the 120th floor of the tallest tower in the world, with magnificent views of the city, best time to go is sunset so around 5.30pm if your a avid instagramer then your in for a treat.

If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I absolutely love my healthy green smoothies made with Almond Milk, banana, berries, kale, spinach and the delicious avocado. Makes my skin glow and keeps me full way past lunchtime. 

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