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AyurYoga Eco-ashram is a 18 acre Organic Farm under development, on the bank of River Kabini, with panoramic views of the valleys and hills all around.  Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this scenic location changes colours every month, as farmers grow and harvest different varieties of crops at different seasons.

Weather : The evenings and early mornings can be a bit cool, while it is sunny and warm in the day time. The normal range of temperatures is between 22 – 32 degrees Celsius. At AyurYoga Eco-ashram, they rarely experience heavy rains, extreme heat, or extreme cold but it is recommended for students to be in light and breathable cotton clothing for comfort.

Over here, they organize two main retreats for eager learners, Yoga Immersion for Beginners and Yoga intensive for Intermediate level. Both retreats runs for 14 days.

Yoga Immersion for Beginners builds the practical foundation to learn yoga in a systematic way for beginners who want to establish a daily home practice. Intermediate students who have been doing yoga but not established well enough in their practice, can equally benefit from this course.

What you can expect from this retreat is daily practice of meditation, two yoga sessions, and one theory class.  The 3-4 hours/day of free time in the afternoon allows you to relax, go for a walk in mother nature, or read inspiring books for self reflection. They also offer Private Coaching or consultations with our expert teachers during this afternoon break. The average group size is between 5 – 10 students only. So, do not worry,  you will get plenty of personal attention!

For intermediate practitioner, Intensive Yoga Retreat in India is best for the students who already have a foundation in yoga, but not regular in their daily practice. Under the guidance of our expert teachers, this program can help you to explore more challenging asanas and pranayamas, which are important part of our asana classes.

There is a four hours of daily yoga practice routine that can challenge you to explore your body, breath, and mind.  The theory classes on Yoga Philosophy and Psychology (Yoga Sutras) can take your understanding of yoga beyond the yoga mat, to spiritualize the mundane daily lifestyle.

Being able to participate in the intensive retreat, there will be expectations of you being physically and mentally fit enough to handle the intensity of this retreat. So always be prepared!

Besides the popular retreats of the above mentioned, they also offer Yoga Teacher Training for those who wish to pursue a path of teaching and sharing.  More information here.

Begin your spiritual journey with AyurYoga Eco-ashram here.

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