Introducing Somatheeram – World’s First Ayurveda Resort

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Kerala is the best place to relax and unwind, to get some fresh air and be away for a while. This part of India is known for its pristine sand & palm-lined beaches; and of course, their famous backwaters.

Besides the classic and gorgeous looking houseboats, gourmet food and its variety of spices, this place is also home to many species of the wild and exotic birds!

The best times to visit Kerala are usually:

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And nestled at the coastline of Kerala is Somatheeram –  The World’s First Ayurveda Resort established in 1985, where life unfolds itself to give in to the natural environment of the resort. You could enjoy your leisure time just by relaxing at the beach, taking a walk and exploring the natural surroundings.

But Somatheeram offers much more than merriment. They aim to provide a holistic experience for their valuable guests through a wide range of Ayurvedic treatments and therapies where you could shed all worries, anxieties and illnesses in your second home.

A range of luxurious accommodation and essential facilities is part of the stay to ensure you a comfortable stay throughout your retreat here in Somatheeram. Every room is equipped with 24 hour room service, laundry facilities, telephone and fax facilities etc.

With a multi cuisine restaurant that is loaded with a variety of mouth watering dishes that includes Vegetarian dishes available in a large variety to those undergoing Ayurveda treatment.

In any occasion where you are at lost of how to spend your time, put your worries aside and enjoy a series of entertainment by Somatheeram’s expressly put together cultural performances.

In today’s post, we look into the retreats we specially curated for you to explore the 4 different retreats in Somatheeram.

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Ayurvedic Immunisation Retreat

This is the best that Ayurvedic has to offer to slow down the ageing process in the body, to put a stop to the degeneration of the body’s cells and to strengthen the immune defence system. The main aspect of this package involves taking Rasayanas (Very specialised Ayurvedic medicine) and purifying the body and making it sweat readily (Panchakarma and Swedakarma). This treatment schedule requires 28 nights and is most effective if embarked on before the age of 60. It is equally recommended for both men and women.

Ayurvedic Slimming Retreat

The Ayurvedic weight reduction programme encompasses herbal powder massage and treatment with various medicinal herbal oils. The package is recommended to be taken for 28 nights to be most effective and sustainable. This program also includes medicinal steam baths and the oral intake of herbal juices as well as infusions and a special Ayurvedic nutrition plan. The goal is to achieve long-term weight loss by changing the metabolism.

Ayurvedic Body Purification

Our eating habits, life style and environmental conditions cause toxins to accumulate in the body and result in imbalance of the Tridosha. The body purification therapy supports the body’s natural mechanism of excreting these toxins and purifying the whole body so that it regains its balance of Vatha, Pitha and Kapha. The treatment is based on Snehanakarma (oil application), Swedanakarma (Sweet treatment) and Panchakarma (purification process in the narrow sense. The 14 nights package include body massages, purgative treatments, various oil application and medicated steam baths.

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Retreat

The cells and the tissue of the body change over the years. It is therefore necessary to refresh and rejuvenate the body’s system in order to preserve the balance between the body, mind and soul. The course of rejuvenation  includes synchronised body massages, performed by two therapists with medicinal oil and cream, medical steam baths and medicines. Rejuvenating face masks are also part of this package. This treatment is taken daily for 90-120 minutes and recommended for 14 nights.


What others are saying:

The place is fantastic for the ayurveda tratment , for relax, for swimming and for writing
July 2016, travelled solo

Very good service in every moment, My bedroom was a nice bungalow in a beautifoul garden in front of Indian Sea.
I was alone, but I dont feel the lonweliness. The cooking is very good and the indian music concert or the Kathakali theatre has been very interesting

5 of 5 starsAmazing rooms and great service.The staff is amazing and so friendly and helpful. The Dining table is very informal and makes you feel that you are eating at your home. Cutlery is provided only for desserts. We had all kind of meat available on the menu ..

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Love as always,
Om&Away ❤︎

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