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Dear Wellness Seekers,

Next up –  Soul & Surf Retreats.  One of the unique retreats listed on our website that bundles surfing and yoga in one beautiful experience.  Having set up a unique genre of retreat for people who enjoy both the calamity of Yoga and euphoria of riding the waves.

In a beautiful province of Ahangama in Sri Lanka, lies a surf rich and a beautiful stretch of beaches. Soul & Surf is located on the outskirts of a rural village on an island within a coastal river delta region where it is lush, tropical and teeming with wildlife.

Soul and Surf offers exquisite accommodation suited to your needs with accompanying facilities like an indoor and outdoor lounge with wifi, yoga shala, treatment rooms and a swimming pool.  The most important aspect is to make their guests feel at home, comfortable and relaxed yet stylish and detailed.

With an all-inclusive a one week retreat, you could do about anything from surfing, meditation, yoga and more! What’s more to look forward to then a fully inclusive retreat where you could relax and unwind. (more details here)

They offer a comprehensive yoga and mediation schedule for you to cultivate peace in mind and practice their yoga moves. For those beginner surfers, fret not as they provide daily surfing guides with fully stocked equipments for a pleasurable learning experience. Expert surfers are equally stocked to know that they have various boards at your disposal. ☺︎

So.. if you are someone who is looking for a good surfing and yoga experience, check out here  to find out more!

Om & Away Team ❤︎

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