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Om & Away’s Top 5 Wanderlust Inspirations For You

One of my favorite things about travel is you get to go out there explore a new place, and re-discover yourself. Travel is also very much about the inner and outer. When you give yourself the opportunity for self-awareness and self-discovery through travel, you will realize that you can easily traverse the world within and around you.

1.Solo female travel

Thinking you can blast off on your own? Why not? 

2. Yoga and wellness retreats

Discover the world of wellness as Om & Away curates retreats for you. There’s always an option depending on your skill and interest level. 

Aava Resort & Spa – Gabe Yoga & Wellness Retreat

3. Eco and sustainable travel

Sustainability starts with where you stay. And choosing to staying at these eco friendly places means that you are helping play your part in reducing environment impact. Here are some of our favorites:

4. Van life

Gone are the days where living in a van is frowned upon. Lately traveling in a van is trend du jour, and it redefining the meaning of a mobile home. Also it’s a unique way to see the world, imagine waking up to fiery sunsets and sleeping just beneath the starlit skies. 

If you haven’t watch Netflix’s Expedition Happiness, view this trailer for some inspiration.

5. Working abroad

Think about an extended vacation or finding a job that will allow you to work from anywhere in the world. With the freedom of working on line from anywhere in the world, you can learn a new culture, even a new language and escape the familiarity of home.

Be Good To Yourself

Om & Away Co’s Founder

Elaine Soh 

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