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Why You Shouldn’t Break Up With Your Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse

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Remember the mid 2000’s when juice cleanse entered the mainstream after Beyonce popularize drinking pitches of lemon juice, cayenne, maple syrup and water after losing 10 Kilos for her performance in “Dream Girls”. That movement kick started the trend of juice cleanse in the U.S and trickled down its way to Singapore.

In fact, our founder, Charlyn once jumped on the health juice bandwagon and started Unicorn Press Juice in the mid 2000’s in Kuala Lumpur because a trip to San Francisco inspired her after seeing locals and celebrities alike tot a bottle a green bottle around the city. Years later when juice cleansing seems outdated and with Kombucha taking over as the new health drink, we check-in on the effectiveness of juicing as Charlyn decided to go on a 24 hours fasting to fix her stomach bloat.

1) What made you do the juice cleanse?

Charlyn: I have been having stomach pains and recently, my aches have been increasing in frequency and intensity. I went to visit a gastro specialist, and he recommended I keep a food diary to monitor which foods trigger the pain. I shared this health condition with my team mates, and they suggested that I do a juice cleanse to rejig my system, so i took on the challenge.

2) Have you done this before and why do it again now?

Charlyn: I have not done juice cleanses before as I love to eat! I also feel really restricted if i had to stick to a diet. I do drink cold pressed juices as a supplement but I have never embarked on the cleanse even though I used to own Unicorn Press Juice .

3) Did you prepare you own juices or did you get them for a vendor? 

If you did prep it yourself, are the veggies and fruits organic? Can you share your favourite juice receipe with the audience?

Charlyn: I prepared the juices myself and used the same receipes (I spent months researching on) to blend different concoctions to create the best tasting and nutrient dense juices. The cleanse had 7 blends, and they included various superfoods and nutrients.

Photo Credits: Unsplash

No, the ingredients were not all organic. In Asia, the term “organic” has been loosely used to label food that may or may not be organic in the whole process of their growth and harvesting. I spent some time talking to a farmer from Genting Highlands and I learnt a lot about “Organic Foods” from him. I then decided to use “fresh” produce, but not necessarily organic when I sold my juices last time. 

My favorite recipe is the Indigo Juice. It contains purple cabbage, pear, himalayan rock salt and white chia.

4) What activities did you do/partake in  during the 24 hours juice cleanse?

I live my life as usual. I woke at 6.30am, did the school runs and scheduled in the juices every two hours. I attended a yoga class and slept very well that night.

5) Can you gives a detailed experience for the first 6 hours? 12 hours? 18 hours? 24 hours?

During the first 6 hours:

I was happy just drinking the juices. I had a bottle every 2 hours. So I have had 3 bottles so far, I didn’t feel hungry or had the urge to want to eat. The almond Mlyk as actually rather filling. I was nervous about how I would feel later in the day, not eating.

During the next 12 hours:

My mindset of not eating started to sink in. I had a lot of energy and I felt clear in the head. I did not feel hungry until the evening, especially when the family sat down for dinner, but by then I knew the day was ending and I could go to bed.

During the next 24 hours:

I woke up feeling fresh and light. I was excited to start day 2.

6) Were there any withdrawal symptoms  or physical reactions during and post juice cleanse?

I felt lighter and less bogged down by the “after lunch heavy brain”. I did have very healthy bowel movement. I didnt have any withdrawal symptoms, and felt energetic to go for a yoga class.

7) How did this juice cleanse make you feel emotionally?

I was in very good spirits as I knew that I was doing this to make my body better. I also had the support of my co-workers, which made the process more fun.

8) How was your digestion post juice cleanse?

I did feel very good that day and the day after. But a week in, my system has reverted to the same as before I started, I still get bloated at certain times during the day.

9) What tips would you like to give our readers?

Its great to do a juice cleanse periodically. Its probably better to go in without expectations and see where it takes you.

10) How would you have prepared better for this juice fast? 

I could have perhaps eaten cleaner before and after the cleanse just to maximize the benefits of the cleanse.


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